Jun 26, 2024 Online talk about my PhD project on July 3rd at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, Beijing (Slides).
Jun 7, 2024 New preprint: An Algebraic Framework for the Modeling of Limit Order Books. Accompanying blog post here. This is in continuation of earlier work on limit order books with my brother, Johannes Bleher, University of Hohenheim.
Apr 5, 2024 New blog post processing one of the ideas I’ve picked up at Dagstuhl.
Mar 4, 2024 Visiting the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Mar 11 - Mar 15.
Jan 22, 2024 Invited to Dagstuhl Seminar 24122 - Low-Dimensional Embeddings of High-Dimensional Data: Algorithms and Applications, Mar 17 – Mar 22. Looking forward to interesting discussions!
Jan 8, 2024 I’ll be visiting Thomas Walpuski at HU Berlin, Jan 30 - Feb 01.
Jan 3, 2024 My new website just went online! :sparkles: :smile: